Miami Township 1855

From the 1855 Greene County Map available at the Greene County Records Center & Archives.

Continued from last week’s post:

Lest it may be thought that I take too wide a range in my epistolary reminisces, let me say that as the period of which I am now speaking the people came together to worship from the lands lying between Enon and Cedarville lands from Beavercreek on the west to some miles East of Clifton. Thus we all became acquainted and shared each other’s lunch at noontime, knowing that no aristocracy¬† of wealth, birth, or position. If the population of the present day within these boundaries are either happier or better morally or socially, than the families above named, I shall rejoice to know it; but I will leave them to decide as I am so far away.¬† In the meanwhile I will retire while they are coming to a conclusion, and return again when the bell admonishes me that the verdict is made up. W. MILLS.

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