E.K. DeNormandie

As published in the Xenia Daily Gazette, December 16, 1911.

In the passing of Miss E. K. DeNormandie the village loses one of its oldest citizens, and with the exception of S.W. Cox, one who had lived here longer than any other surviving person.  The family came here from Boston early in the fifties, before Antioch College was built.  Her parents died here 50 years ago.  Miss DeNormandie had resided here ever since in her own property, on Xenia avenue, till about two years ago, when she became so feeble and worn out with disease and old age that she took up her residence with her good friend, Miss Lillie Porterfield, who has been faithful in looking after her comfort till her demise.  Miss DeNormandie was at one time quite wealthy, her possessions nearing the $100,000 [$2,518,494 by today’s standards] mark, but at time of her death her fortune had dwindled through losses in several ways, so that her entire holdings will not exceed $10,000 [$242,718 by today’s standards].  Her relatives are her brother, a noted divine in Boston, and a nephew, who was here to attend the funeral, which took place Sunday, Rev. George D. Black officiating.  Burial in the family lot, Glen Forest cemetery.

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