Photograph courtesy of the Yellow Springs Historical Society

Photograph courtesy of the Yellow Springs Historical Society

On this very frigid day where temperatures are below zero, it seems fitting to highlight another photograph from the Carr/Botsford/Brewster Family Collection.

Today’s photograph features three women standing on a porch dressed in their big hats and fur muffs.  As with many of the photographs in the collection, the women are not identified.  Based on the trim work on the porch, I am guessing that this photograph was taken on the porch of Thaddeus Carr’s home.  If that is the case, the woman on the left may be Harriet Carr Neibel and the woman to the far right could be Harriet’s mother, Elizabeth Botsford Carr.

Perhaps these ladies purchased their furs from Sullivan, the Hatter in Springfield!  Thys review nov 7 1890008 sullivan the hatteris advertisement is from an 1890 issue of the Yellow Springs Review and illustrates the latest fashion of furs.  Keep in mind that today, many of us would cringe at the thought of wearing the fur of one of the animals listed in this ad, but times were different back in 1890.  Although it doesn’t look as if there is snow on the ground in the photograph, I am sure these women stayed warm in their furs.

Wherever you are today, I hope that you are dressed warmly and safe and sound during the coldest weather we’ve seen in twenty years.

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