Photograph Courtesy of the Library of CongressSince election day is coming up, I thought this article from The News seemed appropriate. I hope you enjoy it and please be sure to vote!!  Disclaimer: Please note that this post is not meant as an endorsement for any political party.

Published in The News, October 19, 1900.

Roosevelt Was Here.

The special train carrying Governor Roosevelt and party arrived at Yellow Springs last Tuesday at 3:43 p.m. and departed at 3:55 p.m. making a stop of 12 minutes.  The special train was made up of a dining car, two Pullman Sleepers and the Governor’s private car.  Mr. Roosevelt’s traveling companion is Col. Curtis Guild, Jr., of Boston, Mass, editor and proprietor of the Commercial Bulletin.  The only other occupants of Roosevelt’s private car are his private secretary and Col. Amos Knapp.  One of the Pullman’s is devoted exclusively to the press and is full of the leading newspapers of the country. The other Pullman is for the use of the Campaign committee in each state.  Governor Nash and Mr. Laylin, candidate for Secretary of State, and several others were on the train.The citizens of Yellow Springs and the surrounding country turned out and gave Governor Roosevelt a royal welcome.  The booming of anvils called together a large crowd.

When the train stopped it was boarded by the reception committee consisting of C.H. Ellis, Geo. H. Smith, C.C. Stephenson, T.B. Jobe, John Warner and Dr. Hutchison, who are kindly received and accompanied the Vice Presidential train to Xenia.

Governor Roosevelt made a neat speech of 5 minutes which was well received by the people of Yellow Springs.  He was followed by Hon. Curtis Guild, Jr. who made an eloquent and impressive speech of 7 minutes duration.  The people were happy, the order good and the speakers were distinctly heard by all.  In fact Governor Roosevelt, while en route to Xenia, stated that “the order was exceptionally good at Yellow Springs, and I was pleased with my reception.”

In fact Yellow Springs had the best meeting in the county, for at Xenia, the order was so bad the speakers could not be heard scarcely a dozen feet away.

The crowd at the depot Tuesday to welcome and to listen to Gov. Roosevelt was a large one and although Teddy spoke only a few minutes he said much and the Yellow Springs people generally have a very good opinion of him.  In substance he said: “I am glad Yellow Springs is so happily situated as to have Antioch College located in her midst.  College and schools are what the Republican party most desire.  The more colleges and the more public schools we have, the more Republicans we have and the better citizens they become.  You have all read of the false prophets in the Bible, have you not?  And you remember they stoned them rather roughly.  Well, now days they quit that business and have taken up the plan of running them on the Democratic ticket.  The paramount issue is not that theorist’s dream–Free Silver, nor that scarecrow cry of imperialism, nor the large concentrations of capital called trusts which are making our country wealthy and our citizens happy and independent.  No, the issue is neither of these.  It is what is the record of the Democratic party?  Which administration of the last two do you prefer?  Then if you prefer the Republican prosperity why on November 6th don’t you vote for what you want and know what you can depend on and not throw your ballot away for something theoretical and altogether undesirable.”

Governor Roosevelt then introduced Hon. Curtis Guild, of Massachusetts, who spoke the remainder of the 12 minutes allowed for the stop here of the things the Republican party had done and the things the Democratic party had left undone.

He said in part: “All that has been done to controll (sic) obnoxious concentrations of capital has been done by Republicans against the opposition of the Democrats.  Bryan wants to haul down our flag in the Philippines and yet keep our army there to keep the European wolves from devouring them.

“The Republicans did not want the islands, but since Providence has thrust them upon us and we have paid $20,000,000 for them, we intend making good American citizens of them and intend educating them so they can participate in and enjoy the blessings of the grand American freedom as we enjoy it.”


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