The 154th Ohio Volunteer Infantry (O.V.I.) was organized at Camp Dennison, Ohio on May 9, 1864 to serve for one hundred days.  On May 12, 1864, the regiment traveled from Columbus, Ohio to New Creek, West Virginia.  Duties of the 154th O.V.I. included guard, picket, and escort duty until May 29, 1864.  On June 4, 1864, Company F had a skirmish near Moorfield, West Virginia.  Various detachments also performed a variety of scouting expeditions from June 12-July 4, 1864.   The 154th suffered an attack from Confederate forces on August 4, 1864.  After fulfilling their one hundred days of service, the regiment returned to Ohio on August 22, 1864 to be mustered out at Camp Dennison on September 1, 1864.



Below are just a few of the Yellow Springs’ residents who served in Company A of the 154th O.V.I.:

  •     Joseph E. Wilson, Lieutenant Colonel
  •     Julius Cone, Principal Musician
  •     Samuel W. Cox, Jr., Sergeant
  •     Martin Musselman, Corporal
  •     John Birch, Private
  •     Andrew Dodds, Private
  •     William Hafner, Private
  •     Daniel Jobe, Private

Do you have any stories of any soldiers who served in the 154th O.V.I.?

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