Star_Society_Spring Term 1899

Photograph courtesy of the Yellow Springs Historical Society

As recent history has proven, Antioch College and the Village of Yellow Springs have always had a very symbiotic relationship; it seems nearly impossible for one to exist without the other. Villagers have strongly supported the College, and its programs, from its earliest days.

Pictured in this photograph is the 1899 Star Society of Antioch College.  Not only were they “stars” on campus, but they also entertained villagers at the Yellow Springs Opera House.

This advertisement published in the Yellow Springs Review on January 30, 1891, promises an exciting evening of entertainment:

The entertainment to be given by the Star Society of Antioch College at the Yellow Springs Opera House will be, judging from the program and the record of the society in the past, a first-class entertainment.  The play is one of striking interest, has a deep plot, startling developments and thrilling positions.  Our citizens should turn out and give them liberal patronage.



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