Thomas B. JobeAs published in the Xenia Gazette February 5, 1916:


Thomas B. Jobe, former mayor, and also former postmaster of Yellow Springs, died at 5:45 o’clock Friday evening at his home.  He had been ill for a week suffering from a severe cold and the grip, and death was due to apoplexy, by which he was stricken at 1 o’clock Friday afternoon.

Mr. Jobe was a civil war veteran and had lived in Yellow Springs ever since the war.  For many years he was in the carriage making business and sold buggies and carriages.  He was a member of the Yellow Springs school board at the time of his death.  Mr. Jobe was 70 years of age, and is survived by his widow.  Funeral services will be held at the home Monday at 2 o’clock.


In addition to an obituary, the Burkholder Post of the G.A.R. also published a resolution concerning his death.  This resolution was published in the Yellow Springs News in March 1916.


Resolutions Regarding The Death of Thomas B. Jobe

Headquarters Burkholder Post No. 115, G.A.R.

March 5th 1916.

Whereas; We the surviving comrades of Burkholder Post, are called upon to record, the death of our beloved Comrade, TThomas B. Jobehomas B. Jobe, who served loyally and gallantly, as a member of Company M. 8th Ohio Volunteer Cavalary, in the War for the preservation of the Union, who encountered all the trials and dangers of the battle field, and endured the hardships and suffering inflicted upon prisoners of War with patience and fortitude, and when he returned from the great War, quietly enrered (sic) upon the pursuits of Peace.  He lived an upright and an honorable life, that is beautiful to remember and cherish.  He naver (sic) willingly wronged a single individual, nor spoke ill of any one.  This community has lost an upright citizen, the Grand Army has lost a true and loyal comrade, and all of us have lost a friend.  Therefore, be it resolved; that we his comrades, who knew, honored and respected him, for all his goodness and high sense of honor, extend to his rereved (sic) wife and family, our heartfelt sympathy in this their great affliction, and truly assure them, that while life and memory endure; the name of Thomas B. Jobe will always bring up tender recollections, and will admonish us to strive, to live a life like his.  Resolved; that these resolutions be spread upon our record, be published in the Yellow Springs News, and a copy sent to the family of our deceased Comrade.

T.C. Hirst Adjutant.

George W. McCullough Post Commander.

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