100_1234Once again, I’m highlighting a lost stone in Glen Forest Cemetery.  According to Volume I of the Greene County Ohio Cemetery Inscription book published in 1982 by the Greene County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, no stone was found at the time that the research was being done for the book.  Whether there was never a stone to mark the burial spot or whether it has been lost to time, we will never know.  Since James Jones was an early pioneer of Yellow Springs, he should not be forgotten.

As published in the Xenia Daily Gazette on October 27, 1882:

Death of a Pioneer

YELLOW SPRINGS, Oct. 23-Mr. Jas. [James] H. Jones, one of the old pioneer residents of this county and village, died at his residence on Dayton street, at an early hour this morning, of a complication of diseases, but principally of old age.  He was in his seventy-sixth year.

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