J.B. WestonAs published in the Yellow Springs News on August 30, 1912.

Dr. J. B. Weston died suddenly at Defiance Ohio, Saturday evening the 24th.  He was born in Main 91 years ago.  During all his life he had almost unbroken good health, and he came to the last days with mental faculties undimmed, still going on with his life work, still interested in everything that pertained to the world’s betterment.He came to Antioch and graduated under Horace Mann in the first class, and for sixty years he has been more or less connected with the College as professor, as acting president, and as trustee.

About thirty years ago he left Yellow Springs to take the presidencey of the Stanfordville Christian Biblical Institute at Stanfordville, New York.  When the Christians started the college at Defiance the Institute was brought to that place, in order that the work of the college and that of the theological school might be brought into a closer relationship.

Dr. Weston continued as the president of the theological department, and at his extreme age he went on with the class work and with his lectures before the students.

His continued mental virility was most remarkable. Last June he was in Yellow Springs to attend the commencement, offered the prayer at the graduating exercises, and made an interesting and forceful speech at the dinner.

Dr. Weston was one of God’s noblemen.  He was a man of God, if any ever was.  His noble life was an unbroken, devoted effort to serve the world in the interest of the kingdom of heaven.  He worked tirelessly, unselfishly, effectively.  Those who knew him, and could appreciate a pure, clean, splendidly noble type of a man, were ready to rise up and call him blessed.

With the harness on, without any serious infirmity, still eager to know and to give himself in work, God suddenly called him away.

Dr. Weston was twice married, and his two wives and two infant children by his first wife are buried at Glen Forest, and there between his two wives according to his request, his body will lie, his dust a permanent possession of this place.

It was his desire to be buried from the house he built and in which he lived a great many years and which now owned by Mrs. T. M. McWhinney, and this desire was carried out, the services being conducted there at 3 o’clock Wednesday afternoon.  When the college is again in session a memorial service will be held in the chapel, at which time addresses will be given by persons who knew him well and are competent to estimate his life and work, and to this service the public will be invited.


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