Santa postcard 1913 While working on the Carr/Botsford/Brewster Collection for the Yellow Springs Historical Society this week, I happened to find a few holiday related pieces of correspondence.   Since I am focusing on early twentieth century holiday postcards this month, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to share another piece of Yellow Springs history.

The postcard is addressed to “Miss Dorothy Neibel”, who was the youngest daughter of Harriet (Carr) Neibel.  The postcard was postmarked in Lisbon, North Dakota on December 24, 1913.  At this time the Neibel family was living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


The postcard reads:

My dear Little “Chickadee” Here I am at home and I’m having such a good time.  This time tomorrow night and Santa Claus will be on his way.  I’m so anxious to know if he remembered a clown doll.

With love to you

Miss Hirst  (I believe it is signed by a Miss Hirst, the writing is difficult to decipher.  If it is a Miss Hirst, that could be Clara or Cosmelia Hirst who were cousins of Harriet Carr.)


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