Glen Forest sunriseThis week’s post is again highlighting someone who either never had a tombstone or it has been lost over the years.  Since the 1890 federal census no longer exists, I can’t determine how old Walter may have been when he died.  Clearly, he was loved by his family and friends and it’s sad to think that his final resting place has been lost to time.

As published in the Xenia Daily Gazette in December, 1893:

The death of Walter Jobe, only child, and son of P.M. Jobe and wife, is not only a sad blow to his parents but to the whole community.  Walter was an exemplary young man.  He was bright and industrious, genial and generous, and was a model young man in every particular. 

He will be greatly missed in all the walks of life. He was a most prominent figure on the streets riding his bicycle.  The funeral took place on Tuesday, Pres. Long and Rev. Middleton officiating.  His casket was covered with beautiful flowers and wreaths, showing the high esteem in which he was held by his associates and friends.  The burial was in Glen Forest Cemetery.  Mr. and Mrs. Jobe have the sincere sympathy of the entire community.

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