William and Rebecca HafnerToday’s post is not exactly an obituary, but rather an article regarding a clause in the last will and testament of William M. Haffner.  One wonders what might have happened that caused Dr. Haffner to add such a clause to his will.  It looks like only Dr. Haffner and Rebecca may have known the reason behind the clause and they are no longer talking.As published in the Springfield Sun in December 1923:


Yellow Springs Doctor Has Special Clause in His Will

XENIA, O., Dec. 1–“For reasons of my own, I request my wife not to remarry,” reads a clause in the will of Dr. William M. Haffner practicing physician and justice of the peace for many years in Yellow Springs.

The will has been admitted to probate here and leaves the estate valued at $4,400 to the widow Rebecca E. Haffner.  The documents was executed in 1913.  It requests the widow to pay to the testator’s daughter, Nettie O. Haffner, “whom I have never seen or heard from since she was a baby 35 years ago.” $10.  The will contains provisions for the erection of headstones on the family burial plot.  Mrs. Haffner was named executor.


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