As published in the Xenia Daily Gazette on August 7, 1897:

An envelope containing a lot of old papers relative to matters connected with Antioch College, was found near the entrance to Woodland Cemetery, Xenia, a few days since. The papers were once of vital importance and in a reminiscent way are still interesting.  They relate to matters connected with the college forty years ago when Horace Mann, its first President, was still connected with it. 

Sketch from the 1855 Greene County Map.

Sketch from the 1855 Greene County Map.

It will be remembered that during the first few years of the institution, it was in deep water in a financial way, and finally had to make an assignment.  These papers are connected with that trying time.  The most important paper is a copy of a subscription list, amounting to about twenty thousand dollars, which was intended to reach the sum of $45,000 to pay the Hartford mortgage and Reyburn claim. The list is headed by Horace Mann with a $5,000 subscription, followed by two, two thousand dollar subscriptions, a dozen one thousand dollar subscriptions and a number of smaller ones.  The other papers in the envelope consist of five notes of $500 and $1,000 each, given in 1856 and 1857, presumably for benefit of the college, by J. P. Coy, William Mills, A. Harlan, David Cross and others. Whoever lost these papers can obtain them at the GAZETTE OFFICE.

Note from author: Makes me wonder if these papers ever found their way back to the person who lost them or back to Antioch College……

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